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If you want to keep more of your Hard-earned commissions, we should talk!

Foxx and Associates is the ONLY true 100% program in Florida, that still gives your personal attention, because we DON’T have 1000’s of agents, and we never will – We prefer a smaller group of agents, that all make a nice living instead!

We pay 100% of your gross commissions, minus a $350 Broker service Fee, and that’s it!

A $10,000 closing pays you $9650 ($10,000 minus $350 = $9650 to YOU!

We also offer our exclusive client referral program, where you get pre-qualified buyers from our in-house mortgage company, Foxx and Associates Mortgage,and buyer leads from our distressed property listings(referral fees apply to buyer leads closed)

Simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch by email shortly! (Or call Rick Foxx direct at (727)743-8048)