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First – a word from our Founder, Rick Foxx:
“After 26 years in the I can confidently tell you – the best mortgage guys are NOT sitting in a cubicle at a big corporation.
They’re independent Mortgage Brokers, that’s where the great loan officers eventually end up(most of us, anyways), because slaving away in a cubicle is not exactly a Dream Job if you’re damn good at getting mortgages done. 
I know, because I started off in 1996, at a large mortgage lender’s office in Southfield Michigan. 
After that I managed a 15 person team at a mortgage company in St Clair shores, Michigan, then started my own Mortgage Brokerage named Advanced Funding, that grew to 4 offices in 3 states by 2004.

So if you’re thinking “Foxx and Associates is JUST a broker” think again, because the Broker side of the business is where the Big Dawgs hang out, and where the Real Work gets done. (And I’ve already owned a mortgage lender, and used to loan out my own money – it doesn’t get any higher up on the food chain than that- period!)

Whatever you need – Jumbo loans, luxury home loans, no doc and low doc loans for self employed and 1099, VA loans, and even Reverse Mortgages – you need them, we’ve got them.

 Call 727-388-5235 for a private, personal, confidential consultation, “Your Money is waiting” 

(Rick Foxx’s clients please call or text 727-743-8048  – it’s my cell number)

We offer :

Jumbo Mortgages, Conventional mortgages, Bank statement programs, No doc and Low doc programs, Condo loans, Seasonal rental and AirBNB mortgages, VA Mortgages, and many more!

Have a large down payment but less-than-perfect credit?

Ask about our “Higher rates but Lower standards” programs, we’ve got you covered!