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Living in Seminole, Florida can be like pure heaven! It is so beautiful here, and the people are great. Just driving around and looking at all the gorgeous scenery and houses is so much fun. Many of the families here have lived here for a few generations and their homes are stately and charming. The school system here is one of the best in the state, with excellent graduation rates. There are jobs aplenty to be had in just about any field you could want, and the weather? The weather! What can I say? Perfect, sensational Florida weather. I don’t think it could get too much better!

There is so much to do here in Seminole and nearby as well. We have the awesome Seaside Seabird Sanctuary out at Indian Shores, the Treasure Island Fun Center, and Splash Harbour Water Park. Of course the beaches are just a short drive away as well, so weekends are spent sunning, swimming, and playing on the toasted sand-colored beaches.

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